Changing Lives, Changing Outcomes The first eight years of life are critical to the development of a child’s brain. Babies are born with a brain approximately one-fourth the size of an adult’s. In the first three years of life a child’s brain grows to approximately 80 percent of adult size. By age five, the brain is 90 percent developed. Educational and socioeconomic factors have been proven to affect this development.

An Essential Time of Growth This early stage of development is essential to social and intellectual growth. From the first hours after birth through the first years of school, children are curious about the world and eager to learn. During this period children form strong relationships with adults, and caregivers have a unique opportunity to contribute to their early intellectual development.

“What I appreciate most about the Ackerleys is that they’re so down to earth. They’ve opened many doors for us, they’ve been incredibly generous, but they’ve also shown up with their time and their laughter. They feel like friends as well as funders. We couldn’t do Islandwood without them.” BEN KLASKY PRESIDENT & CEO / ISLANDWOOD

Opening a World of Opportunity The Ackerley Foundation focuses its time and support on organizations involved in skills support, literacy development, mentoring relationships, and programs that connect school and home in order to produce specific and measurable results in early learning community to contribute to their early intellectual development.